Demerara Bank Limited was incorporated on January 20, 1992 as a private limited liability company under the provisions of the Companies Act, Chapter 89:01 and was licensed to carry on the business of Banking on October 31,1994. The Bank obtained its Certificate of Continuance on April 2, 1997 in accordance with the Companies Act 1991. The Bank offers a complete range of banking and financial services and operates under the Provisions of the Financial Institution Act (Act 1 of 1995).


  • To help build a stronger, healthier more diverse business sector through prudent investment, attractive deposit plans and innovative lending policies.
  • To provide the financial support that will demonstrate the bank’s commitment to business development and to a better Guyana.
  • To provide a diversified range of quality financial services through our Correspondent Bank.
  • To provide employees with excellent opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • To provide investors with and attractive rate of return on their investment.
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen.