Demerara Bank Limited advises that effective Monday March 28, 2022, the opening hours of all our branches have been adjusted as follows:


 MONDAY - FRIDAY                                                    SATURDAY
 (All Branches)                                                           (Diamond, Le Ressouvenir & Mahaica Branches)

 8:00am to 2:00pm                                                   8:00am to 11:30am


We remain cognizant that the pandemic is still on-going and advise that the following measures remain enforced to minimize the risks related to COVID-19:


1. New Accounts & Reactivation of Accounts

Requests for the establishment or reactivation of accounts can be submitted via e-mail: [email protected] or WhatsApp: 624-0828 after which an appointment would be scheduled.


2. Temporarily Increased ATM Withdrawal Limit

The Bank has temporarily increased the ATM withdrawal limit to $175,000.00 daily

Charges for usage of the ATM are as follows: -

   DBL Terminal:               $40 per transaction
   Non-DBL Terminal:    $340 for values up to $100,000 & $340 + 0.50% for values greater than $100,000

We wish to remind customers that Point of Sale transactions are free of cost and we encourage you to utilize electronic services instead of coming into the bank.


3. E-Banking

Our e-banking service allows for 24 hours access to your account and facilitates the following;
  a)   checking account balances and transaction
  b)   transfer of funds to own or third party accounts
  c)   bill payments
  d)   request wire transfer
  e)   stop payment instruction on cheques

Please visit our website to download the application form and submit same electronically.  


4. Payrolls

We encourage payment of salaries and wages using our electronic payroll facility, letters submitted through the drop box, or by way of the new Electronic Funds    
Transfer method.  Please contact your branch for further details.


5. Wire Transfers/ EFT Requests and Bank Drafts

Requests for transactions such as wire transfers, bank drafts and EFT can be submitted via letter to the drop box provided or e-banking where possible.


6. Cheque Deposits

Cheque deposits can be submitted via the drop box provided.


We thank you for your understanding and continuous support.